If you have enough money to live on for a while and you want to do something useful, voluntary work might be an option. There are some of opportunities in for example community work, environmental work, health care, working with street children and organic farming. Other options are teaching English, working with animals and planting trees. Some projects do require volunteers with qualifications, others take just about anyone. Some projects provide accommodation and food.

The best option is to go to Cuenca and to organize it on the spot. Then you have a better impression of the project and the people you will work with. However, it is also possible to organize it in advance, surfing the web is the best way.

Centers for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI)
Office of International Programs
PO Box 668
Peoria, AZ 85380-0668
United States
phone: +1-623-931-3772
fax: +1-623-842-9150

Ecuador Internship Program
Foundation for Sustainable Development 59 Driftwood Court San Rafael
CA 94901
United States
phone: 415-482-9366
fax: 415-482-9366

Explore Ecuador!
The National Registration Center for Study Abroad
PO Box 1393
Milwaukee,WI 53201
United States
phone: 414 278 0631
fax: 414 271 8884

Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Conservation Project
Round River Conservation Studies
4301 Emigration Canyon Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
United States
phone: 801-694-3321
fax: 801-363-8006